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Animal Rescue

Here at our animal rescue part of wild guile here we want to help wildlife that is in need of help, relocating to a save location suitable for them or needs a vet. by doing this we help save them and make sure there here for the future as all life is precious and they are here for a reason. also by doing this we can educate everyone about wildlife! Here are some photos from our call outs we have done so far.


This little Grass Snake was our first ever call out we received, he got in to someone's tack room whilst he was in the middle of shedding. As he was moving around trying to get his shed off he had got himself stuck in some plastic netting that was on the ground. After about 30 minutes of safely cutting the net, we managed to cut him free, we then gave him a health check to make sure he wasn't suffering from any serious injuries. Apart from damaged scales which would heal after a couple of sheds, he was good to go! We found a new, safe  place to relocate him and released him.


This Grass Snake was found in someone's garden, they thought it was an Adder at first but we were happy to come out and relocate him to somewhere safe. 

This little Kestrel had got his leg stuck in someone's van bonnet, so we made our way to him to make sure he hadn't hurt himself or broken anything, which he hadn't so we released him safely back out into the wild.


This young Crow was walking up to people wanting food, he was also jumping on them. So we went out and found him, we safely placed him in a carrier and took him to the vet. It turned out that he was very hungry. We made sure he was fed before releasing him back into the wild. 


Here, we received a call about some Grass Snake eggs that someone had accidently dug up. They asked if we would take them in and we did! We looked after them until they had hatched, which we then released them back into the wild. In the end we released 39 in total!


So if you are in need of help with any wildlife that are also in need of help or are worried about an animal, then please do send us a message over Facebook or give us a call on 07392626996 and we will see if we can help or give you some advice! 

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