Uniformed groups
(Scouts, Beavers, Cubs, Brownies, Rainbows)

We will need to arrive 30 minutes before to set up and go over a health and safety briefing.

During our visits, we offer educational talks on these animals, where they come from etc. and answer any questions children may ask us. Each child will have the opportunity to handle any of the animals we bring and have the chance to face any fears they may have!

We currently offer 3 options for you to chose from, if there isn't an option here that suits your needs, contact us and we'll see what we can do! 

*If there are any animals you don't want us the bring (I.e Tarantula) or any you want us to specifically bring, please let us know. Check out                    to see what we have!

If it is possible, access to power would be preferred to allow us to use heat pads to keep our animals warm in cold temperatures.


Option 1: £110

-60 minutes

- A full hands-on, educational experience!

- limited to 6 animals

- max 30 children

- certificates for all attendees!


Option 2: £130

- 90 minutes

- A full hands-on, educational experience!

- Limited to 6-8 animals

- Max 30 children

- Certificates for all attendees!

- Badges


Option 3: £150

- 120 minutes

A full hands-on, educational experience!

- limited 8-10 animals

- max 30 children

- certificates for all attendees!



*Please note, if your event is over  20 miles away we will charge extra to cover travel expenses.