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Brian is our bearded dragon. He was given to us by a friend. Brian has an under bite which adds to his character, he loves going to shows and getting all the fuss. i am retired now but you can still see me when you visit here. 


Ember is one of our Crested Geckos. He was rehomed from the RSPCA. Ember has always had a dropped tail and has a ‘button’ on his backside, if you press it, watch him jump!


Bubba is our male leopard gecko. He came from a pet shop. Bubba regularly attends shows alongside Griffin or Ember. Bubba is always smiling and enjoys going to shows!


Rango is our Chinese Water Dragon. She was rehomed from the RSPCA. Rango doesn’t attend shows as she doesn’t enjoy it but can be seen on social media. Rango likes her baths!


Red is our female leopard gecko. She came from a pet shop. Red has very sensitive eyes to light and doesn’t attend shows due to this issue. but you can see her on our social media or when you book to visit here.


This is Buddy our Argentine Black and White Tegu and the newest member to our forever growing animal family. we got him from the RSPCA and he is friendly, he cant come to any shows at the moment, but you can see him on our social media or when you book to visit here. he also has a little bit of red on his noes from having really bad noes rub and was treated  before we got him.

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